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Special and private massages

Whether you want to relax after a hard day’s work, or you are just visiting our beautiful city and want to spend some time with a beautiful masseuse, you can call us – you don’t have to take our words for granted, you can see for yourself.

The techniques used by our therapists are originated in the ancient oriental ones. Some of the massages are meant to relax and satisfy the client in mere minutes, while some other will gradually help him reach a state of total peacefulness, making the client experience true bliss for the first time in his life. Some of the therapies are focused on certain regions of the body, such as the lingam massage or the yoni incall massage London, while some of the techniques are aimed at aligning the body and the mind in a pleasant and relaxing manner.

For example, the prostate massage which you can experience at the hands of our London incall massage therapists is not only aimed at improving one’s sexual capabilities, but also at restoring and keeping one’s physical health. While it may seem more than unmanly if experienced for the first time, the prostate milking is actually a favorite technique among many men which visit us. When the therapist touches for the first time this man’s sacred area, it may feel a little uncomfortable; however, the prostate massage combined with the lingam incall massage will make the client experience pleasures like never before. Also, this technique helps in preventing some of the most harmful illnesses known to a man, besides revitalizing the sexual life and increasing the libido.

Another technique, which is called the four hands massage, will offer the client a different kind of relaxing and pleasurable experience. This massage, performed by two or our therapists, is one that aligns the physical body with the spiritual one, helping the client reach a complete state of relaxation. At first, the client will try to keep up with the four hands which are massaging him. However, sooner than he would think, his mind will become empty from any thought, letting him enjoy the time spent with us. His mind won’t be focused on anything, empty and free, while his senses will be heightened and augmented by the four hands.


Erotic massage in London 24/7

Another technique which is more popular among the clients of our incall massage London center is the tantric soapy massage. This kind of massage can be performed by one or two therapists. Also, there are special packages in which more than one client can enjoy this technique – the level of sensuality and eroticism is so high, especially if there are two therapists, that sooner than imagined the client will feel like climaxing. The reason why this technique is preferred by our clients is that he gets to experience the entire body of the therapist pressing and rubbing onto his. Also, some of our therapists can make the session even more enjoyable, moving in the most erotic way possible.

These are only a few of the techniques used by our beautiful masseuses. The only limit to amount of pleasure and relaxation is the client’s own imagination, as well as how he behaves during the session. While sexual contact is very frequent, it can only be initiated by our therapists. Also, there is no full sexual contact, meaning that the client cannot come in here hoping for sexual intercourses.
Either way, at our London incall massage center all the clients are satisfied by the services of our beautiful therapists. You can be one of those clients too, left with a smile on your face.


The perfect settings for the perfect massage therapies

You are welcome to visit us at any of our special London incall massage places, where beautiful and experienced masseuses are waiting for you. Our massage rooms can be found either at our special massage parlour, either at the most select hotels in the city. Come and see for yourself that everything is ready to welcome you, just like the VIP you are.

But maybe you want to see first what angels are ready to greet you, with a sincere smile and a glass of red wine. Go ahead and take a look and see that they are indeed the embodiments of passion and lust. But don’t expect them to be escorts, because they really are professional and experienced masseuses that will chase away all the stress and tension from your body. Take a look and see how beautiful they are.

And then take a step back and imagine how it would be if any of our London incall massage therapists were pressing their bodies onto yours, during the most sensual and erotic massage session. Then take another step back and realise that no matter what you would imagine it would still be far away from what could actually happen. Simple pictures will never capture the perfection of a woman’s body, just like they won’t tell you anything about how skilled they are.

As said, the massage techniques which will be used are extremely erotic and sensual in nature and they will help you reveal all the hidden tension from your body. Using their hands and their entire beings, your beautiful angels will then proceed with the massage session. As you lay facing down on the comfortable air mattress, the masseuse will pour copious amounts of massage gels and special oils, soaking your body. First she will use only her hands, until both of you are completely lubricated – this will enhance all the beautiful and pleasant sensations that will follow. Afterwards you can expect the magic to begin.

The best thing about these massage techniques used by our lovely London incall massage therapists is that they all can be adjusted to better fit your necessities. This means that only your imagination is a limit when it comes to how far the massage session will go. This means that, literally, the therapy could unfold in any way you want it to.

But these are just words right no. So come back from your dreaming, come back and see your lovely masseuses, see how they are all waiting just for you to come, over and over again, as many times as you want. There is no reward greater for these angels than to see you smiling with satisfaction, returning each week to them. There is no greater pleasure for our lovely masseuses than to bring you pleasure.

Don’t miss this opportunity and call us now. Make your first special massage appointment and visit us at any of our London incall massage places. You can be certain of one thing: no matter what will happen, you will be completely satisfied. No matter what will happen, you will walk away from your angel with a smile on your face, thinking just about the next time you will come.


Call us 24/7 for visit home massage in London W1, W2, SW1, SW2, EC1, EC2.