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For him only

If you want to surprise your partner with the best in London, or if you want to try for yourself the most exquisite pleasures known to man, then  be sure to make an appointment with one (or more) of our lovely ladies: a lingam massage London with them will show everybody how a man should be treated. It will be a life-changing experience, since this kind of therapy is aimed at making yourself feel more comfortable with whom you are, with how you perceive yourself.

Of course, you might be wondering what is so special about this kind of a therapy, and more importantly what is that a lingam. Well, lingam is a Sanskrit word which designates the male genitalia and which can be translated through the expression wand of light – you see, for them the male essence didn’t reside in the penis or the testicles, these two were just vessels through which this essence was just passing. This way, the pleasure felt by a man experiencing a lingam massage will be much more intense by a man who just has sex.

But this doesn’t mean that your London lingam massage therapist will simply lay you on the massage table and finish you off as fast as possible, as if she had a norm to respect. Instead it is all about taking your time in order to feel all the sensations she will bring you, including in here the exhilarating sensation which comes from waiting to see her perfect body in its full splendour.

That is right, it takes time in order to perform this technique, it takes time and experience. You might believe that you are able to do this at home alone or with your partner. But all you will be able to do is stimulate yourself sexually – the lingam technique is much more than that, because when your lovely masseuse will touch you she won’t make contact with your penis, but with your being.

You see, there is a certain technique with which your intimate area should be massaged, there are certain steps which should be taken, and in any case the point of it all is not necessarily to make you ejaculate, but to help you feel literally everything.

We should also add that during the lingam massage London session it won’t be just the penis which receives this very special treatment. The testicles will also be caressed, the perineum will receive more attention that in your entire life, and more! The man’s body has no secrets for our beautiful and experienced masseuses, so be prepared to be amazed! They will show you the meaning of pleasure, just like they will show you the meaning of patience – don’t be hasty, because the longer you wait the more intense and longer the orgasm is.

So surprise your partner, or better yet surprise yourself with a treat! We promise you that you will feel pleasure for as long as our talented masseuse will have their hands on you. Call us now and make your first London lingam massage appointment. You will not be disappointed.


A man’s massage experience

Whether it is for the exquisite pleasure or just for relaxing in the company of a goddess, a London lingam massage experience is exactly what you have been looking for. This isn’t at all a regular massage session, so don’t expect to receive the same benefits as before (such as joint flexibility improvement, deep tissue invigoration, and such). Instead, you can expect to have a session in which pleasure is the one that leads everything, and in which relaxation is supreme. You should be looking forward for improvement also, but an improvement in the private area of your life.

And that is because a lingam massage is a massage technique in which the masseuse concentrates only on your intimate area. She won’t massage your back, she won’t massage your legs, and so on. She will take care only of your penis, your testicles, your perineum, and, if you want, she can even go further.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will just jump on the massage table and expect her to be as quick as possible. The lingam massage London technique is quite a complex one, even if you might believe otherwise. And, to be honest about it, most men don’t even believe that this is an actual technique, but rather a way of saying that we are an escort service.

This isn’t our case. The lingam technique is an oriental massage technique used by the ancient rulers to spoil themselves. Its benefits are vast and they mainly concern the intimate aspect of the life – improved stamina, no more premature ejaculation, and so on. This massage technique, if performed by a professional masseuse such as our lovely angels, will literally transform you into a sex god.

The session will begin with making you feel as comfortable as possible, because this is the secret of any successful massage therapy. So sip from a glass of red wine or from a cop of herbal tea and relax as the masseuse will explain everything about this procedure. Ask her whatever you want, and she will answer you in the most professional way.

Then let her lead you to the bubbly bathtub, where a sneak preview will be given. Enjoy your magic soapy massage – this isn’t about the body’s hygiene, but about getting you as closer to her as possible, about helping her know what really pleases you.

And only afterwards the lingam massage London session will move on the massage table. Only afterwards you will experience the real pleasure any man should feel when being with a beautiful woman.

Massaging the penis, caressing the testicles, and massaging the perineum will be done gradually until a final point, a point of no return when all your light will fill the massage room and all your essence will cover your angel. After such pleasure, you will enter a deep state of relaxation, when you will finally be able to switch off completely and regenerate all your strength and all your vitality.

Call us now because we know that this is what you have been looking for. Make your first London lingam massage appointment and experience what only the ancient kings did. Feel like a god in the presence of our beautiful angels.


Call us now and you will never disappoint or be disappointed again.


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