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Relaxing the mind and the body

With a couple of thousands of years of history, combining yoga, reflexology and acupuncture, the Massage Central London will keep your body invigorated and your mind clear as a summer sky. With various new techniques that range from stretching to wave-like rocking, this type of massage fortifies the muscular and the skeletal frame of the body, preventing muscular and joint impairments.

As it is, this treatment will bring huge benefits to those that lead a stressful life, or to those involved in sportive activities. However, our therapists will share their knowledge with every gentleman and lady willing to visit us.

As with any other oriental massage techniques, the Thai massage concentrates not only on the body, but on the spiritual part of the human being. A sane body deserves a sane mind could be our motto. That is why the atmosphere at the Massage Central London centre will be soothing and relaxing, while also conserving the professionalism we take great pride into.

The first step of the treatment will be the assessment of the client physical condition. Our technicians will search for any sign of muscular dystrophy, while also checking the mobility of the joints. After discussing any particular symptoms the client experiences, the therapist will conceive a treatment designed especially for that client.

Another aspect of designing the treatment is also the client’s emotional condition. Reflexology is an important part of the Thai London central massage; therefore, after the preliminary discussion specific points of energy will be activated.

While the ancient art of reflexology might seem easy at first glance, it is highly preferable and recommended that the client seeks the help of our Massage Central London experts. These pressure points can be easily mistaken, and we do not wish to see what happens if they are.


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There are different types of Thai massage one can choose from.

The first one is the Thai deep tissue massage. In this procedure, the therapist concentrates her action on a specific stressed of painful point. Using gentle acupressure, steady strokes, stretching and muscle compression the therapist is able to annihilate the problem from its roots.

Another form of Thai massage is the relaxing one. Being quite similar to a Swedish one, this particular form of Thai massage warms the body and loosens the stressed muscles. This type of massage is also called Nuad Sabuy.

The aromatherapy massage is a form of treatment designed especially for calming and relaxing your spirit. This Massage Central London experience is, like the relaxing one, a full body one. However, at the client’s request, it can be focused only on some parts of the body.

The last two types of Thai massage are also localized one: the Thai massage for the head and the Thai foot massage. They are meant to rebalance your energy aura by applying pressure on specific points.

We saved the best part of the Thai London central massage for last: there is also a special Thai technique which concentrates on the whole body. This is the four hands Thai massage. It is obvious what its’ benefits are.

Therefore, when you are feeling a little low, or when you just feel the need to relax, pay us a visit and our therapists will heal your body and ease your mind.


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