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Japanese delights

Whether it is for the sensuality or for the health benefits, a nuru massage London experience should never be missed, whether you are a Londoner or not. This isn’t the old nuru massage you might have received at other massage parlours, but this is a very special type of body-to-body massage session.

First of all, all you need to do is come to us. That is it. Don’t worry about small things, such as hygiene – your lovely masseuse will be more than happy to help you with that.

She will greet you in the most pleasant way possible: with a sincere smile on her face, a glass of red wine, and wearing nothing at all but a see through robe. And this see through robe will do such a terrible job at hiding her naughty lingerie and her voluptuous, perfect body that your imagination will instantly light up.

You can actually get an idea at how special ournuru massage London sessions are just by looking at our beautiful angels – but keep in mind that no photograph, no matter how professional he is, will be able to actually capture perfection in a simple frame. Just take a look at all our beautiful ladies, and add to what you are thinking the fact that they are all professional and highly experienced erotic masseuses.


Erotic massage Parlour Sign 24/7

Nuru is in fact one of the most sensual massages ever. And while it was first practiced in Japan, it has been refined since then in order to better fit the necessities of nowadays man. Furthermore, our lovely masseuses are so experienced that each and every session can be adjusted to the client’s preferences.

The nuru massage used to be called after the nori seaweed, which was the main ingredient of the special gel used during the therapy. However, with the multitude of special oils and lotions we have now, all that remains from this old and exquisite technique is how it is performed.

We won’t say too much so that we won’t spoil anything, but we can sincerely say that you will be blown away. All the men that came to us eventually became repeat customers – the sensuality of our beautiful nuru massage London therapists is unequalled in the city. There are literally no limits to what they can do in order to give you the perfect massage.

Only your imagination could be an impediment, since there are so many positions which could be tried during your special session. And even after you have exhausted all that you can come up too, the experience of your therapist will show you that there is much more to feel during a perfect massage session.

So do not miss this opportunity of being treated like an ancient ruler transported into our modern times. Your naughty masseuse is already waiting for you, with open arms and steady hands, ready to show you the path of pleasure towards relaxation.

Call us now and find out first-hand how every massage session should be like. Call us now and find out how a real woman treats her man. Make your first nuru massage London appointment and you will walk away from us with a big smile on your face, only to return time and time again, as often as possible.


Body-sliding to happiness

“Nuru” is the Japanese word for “slippery”. Our London nuru massage therapists are indeed slippery, not only because they cover themselves in this most lubricant gel, but also because they can instill themselves into your spiritual body.

Like all ancient oriental massages, the nuru technique also has more than one purpose – the most obvious one is the complete relaxation and pleasure of the body and the second one, and most important, is the reintegration of a man’s spirit into the universe. It may seem a little odd and weird to hear that about a massage session, but nuru extracts its philosophy from the well known yin and yang beliefs, which state that there is a permanent contact between two opposites.

The least subtle interpretation for these ideas is the one concerning human sexuality, that yin and yang are in fact symbols for the human sex organs. While this is not wrong, it isn’t necessarily right. Yin and yang are the contrasts which guide the lives of us. Even more, a small part of yin can be found in yang and vice verse. Our London nuru massage experts can teach you these things firsthand.

Firsthand is, of course, just and expression, because in nuru massage a masseuse doesn’t use only her hands. Her entire body is a vessel to be filled by the Yin you are.

After a relaxing shower with her, the client will sit comfortably on an air mattress – it doesn’t matter if he lies on his back or face up, he can easily switch between these two positions whenever he wants. It is imperative to be free of any restrains, including the clothes.

She will sit on top of him, making sure that there is as much contact as possible between their two bodies. While this touching may seem intended for something else, its true meaning is to get the two principles as close as possible. There won’t be any animalistic copulation, just this intimate and most spiritual closeness.

The actual session at our London nuru massage centre begins when the two lay on top of each other. Since this technique is also called body-sliding, the nuru gel will reduce the friction of the two bodies to the point when they are both one, when they are both the two separated pieces of the same body, trying to reunite.

There are several positions to try during nuru massage, some of them more erotic than the others. But what they all have in common is the closeness which they imply, the touching between two spirits through their physical bodies. This is something that cannot be found at the corner of the street, but only in sacred places like ours.

It may seem that this is more like foreplay than a form of healing, but it isn’t like that. While at our nuru massage London centre a man’s sexual capabilities are enhanced, the meaning of all of this is different, as stated.


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