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Many speak of the thai massage London but most of them do not know exactly what it does and what are the methods that make you feel relaxed, reborn. Having a thai massage is like having a yoga class and acupressure at the same time, Many say that this technique is not just a massage technique, but an integrated yoga therapy session as well. The thai massage London routine is not simple at all and it contains moments of intense stretching, manipulation of the body, mobilization and a lot of work. This kind of therapy is also called the sacred massage, due to the fact that it is an ancient healing art for the body, mind and spirit. It transcends all borders of relaxation and it touches not only the physical body, but also the heart and mind. It expresses care and kindness in a way that is so direct that it can be absorbed immediately. In this case, the way the client is touched is very important, we would say even crucial and it is the first language of communication. Once someone is introduced to the first sessions, they can begin to feel the connection between the emotions and the body, the wisdom behind the massage technique and the respect that it needs in order to be done correctly and perfectly.


The art of oriental massage techniques

Through the thai massage London one can develop an intelligence of the body. This technique uses not only massage but movement, too and there are some particular patterns that need to be taken into consideration. Also, the intimate nature of the session needs to be taken into consideration because otherwise the massage session would be incomplete. The practitioners say that the body carries memories of all life’s experiences and no matter how painful or enjoyable it is, is censored. Even years after the events, the body will still remember in every nerve and muscle of it what happened, unless some method of clearing was used to release the body. Different parts of the body store various emotions and memories and some areas are more vulnerable than others. Thai massage London  is meant to heal all these body parts and free them from the tension they have gathered. That is why so many movements are needed: the tension can be released through pressure, just like pushing it out. It is just like a detective work when chasing the bad guy needs some investigation and then in order to get him out of the scenario, some aggressivity is needed. Asian massage  focused on the whole body but mostly on the legs because of the connection they have with the pelvis and that is where most tensions are gathered. Sensations of fear, traumas and many negative feelings can he healed this way.

Oriental massage is very physical by comparison to the other techniques that insist more on the spirit and passion. This is why, good body mechanics are needed, in order to have the work done effectively and effortless. Just to give you an idea regarding the process, we will share with you a little bit about the techniques. Many parts of the body can be used for applying pressure, like the elbows, feet, knees, thumbs, the palms, and so on. Good   practice and a lot of training is needed to achieve the results you want through this technique.


Best asian massage techniques

Generally, all kinds of massage have positive effects on the human body but there are people and situations that are more fit to some techniques than to others. For example, the Asian techniques, the oriental experiences are digested better by people who are spiritually inclined or at least who believe that through various activities, their spirits will start growing and enriching themselves.

The Thai massage London can be a formal ritual or a casual interlude and can strengthen your sexual activity in a very powerful way.  The massage art is never about getting the results you want in a few days or changing the way you live and feel in a matter of seconds. This technique is a long-term commitment to your body and your mind in which you have to be loyal to yourself. Asia is the home of many practices that bring pleasure, enlightenment, wisdom and power to every man that is willing to concentrate and become better. There are many massage techniques based on the ancient Asian relaxation methods and they are meant to be the joy in one’s life, to relax the body, to open the mind, to silence the thoughts and explore the unknown.

Most of these techniques are also practiced at our parlour and when people are looking for a good time for themselves, we are more than happy to provide them with an London Thai massage. For example, Shiatsu, is one of the most popular massage techniques in Japan and it uses all of the fingers and acupuncture in order to release the pressure in one’s body. Shiatsu is the method known to be based on controlling the flow of life and energy in the body. At the same time, it encourages healing, it improves the blood flow and it strengthens the immune system of the body.


Acupressure massage therapy

The acupressure is also one of the popular techniques and it is also practiced mostly with the help of the hand fingers. It can be used for self-treatment, too. The Ayurvedric method instead, is meant to detoxify the body through some key points. The Champissage,  is also an Asian massage technique that deals with the upper part of the body, being an effective way of relieving lethargy and headaches. Maybe most of our clients have heard about the Thai massage, which is also very popular in massage salons. This Thai massage massage London technique was practiced in Thailand for more than 2000 years and it has to do with the stimulation of the energy in each body.  This is preferred by many because it is practiced on a firm mattress, which is really comfortable.

Most of the London Thai massage techniques are used to increase the levels of the energy in our client’s body, to help him or her find the inner peace and heal their unhealed affections. The great thing about this group of methods is that we can always find one for each type of affection, no matter how old it is, or how bad it hurts, on the inside or on the outside. By this, we mean, on the soul or on the body. If you will decide to become our client, you will realize how much caress will be focused on you and you will be able to build a wonderful life on these relaxing moments with us.


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